Adam Carpinelli (Program Coordinator)

Adam Carpinelli | Program Coordinator

Adam Carpinelli is a musician, educator, and community organizer.  He sits on the non-profit boards for  Right 2 Survive, Social Justice Action Center, and Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education.  He is also part of the Prison Pipeline Collective on KBOO radio.  

Adam completed his masters at Syracuse University in Pan African Studies and has lectured and conducted undergraduate courses at Syracuse University, Washington State University, Portland State University and The Evergreen State College on topics related to music, social change, world history, and African studies.  He has been a substitute teacher, tutor, and para-educator for Portland Public Schools and North Clackamas County as well as the Educational Coordinator for the now-dissolved Obo Addy Legacy Project.  He also works with houseless and foster youth.  

As a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, electric bass, drumset, and percussion; his compositions take music to a new level fusing American styles such as jazz and funk with genres from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.   His studies of world music started with Ghanaian drumming; having performed, and recorded for Obo Addy, the late Master Drummer.   Adam currently performs and records with Senegalese Master Drummer Massamba Diop from Baaba Maal’s band and The Black Panther soundtrack in a new  project called “Walo Walo.”  He resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs with Shvvvr, Wamba, and Tropical Storm.