Isidro Valor Perez (Instructor)

Icidro Valor Perez began his career in Cuba studying voice and Afro-Cuban percussion with the likes of Tata Guines, Panetto Quinto, Angel Glez and Changuito.  A graduate of the Centro Musical Dansario Pro-Dansa de Cuba and the Gran Teatro de la Habana, he toured internationally as a musician and dancer with Pinos Nuevos, during which time the company was awarded 37 distinctive honors, medals and trophies.  In addition, his impressive performance roster includes the likes of Sandy Perez, Bobi Cespedes, Ramon Ramos Alayo, Jose Francisco Barroso, Idalmis Romero Valdez, Wilfredo La O, Susana Arenas Pedroso, Rogelio Kindelan and maestro Carlos Aldama.

Icridro is currently resided in Portland, Oregon where he plays with groups like Wamba, Cana Son and Jujuba.